Modus (Geotec group) has been operating in the area of architecture of interiors for more than 10 years.
It specializes in the execution of shops with Contracts for turnkey furnishing solutions. This means that the client will have access to a partner able to handle the design, the execution of the work, and the furnishing of the site, through the intervention of qualified artisans and sector professionals, including image personalization.

This possibility releases the client from all the obligations and duties involved in the supervision of a "work site," guaranteeing assistance, constant updates on the work status, compliance of all the certifications, and assurance of delivery times.

Our typical clients
  • Barbershops
  • Esthetic centers
  • Wellness centers
  • Opticians
  • Pharmacies / Drugstores
  • Clothing stores
  • Bars / Restaurants
  • Fragrance shops / Hair salons
  • Booths / Trade fair arrangements / Showrooms
  • General commercial sites

Skills and services
An idea, a project, begins with knowing the client.
Knowing a client means understanding his or her tastes and needs, to offer the furnishings that will reflect them.
Our designers study the functional and esthetic solution best suited to the needs of your activities, without ever losing sight of the style, elegance and quality of the products.

How we work
  • Detailed site design
  • Free room design with execution of photo-realistic images
  • Detailed cost budget for the work and furnishings
  • Arrangement of the work site and execution of the necessary construction work
  • Supply and installation of the furnishings chosen with execution to measure
  • Qualified assistance in every phase of the work
  • Delivery as agreed
  • Personalized payments

Franchise services
Modus (Geotec group) handles interior architecture, restyling spaces, and furnishing for sales points, also taking care of the furnishings and décor for franchise businesses, offering a recognizable brand and style guaranteeing stylistic continuity in the various sales points.

The franchise business décor will ensure immediate identification by the customer, a greater capacity for communication and successful product-place association.
The furnishings may also include water, electric, and lighting installations, audio amplification, video devices and graphics for decorating the franchise businesses. 

Major franchise chains
The services offered by Modus may also be very beneficial for major franchise chains that, already having the design indications for furnishing the new sales point, require a competent on-site contact person able to find the most expert professionals, take care of bureaucratic arrangements, and coordinate the work.

Modus – Geotec group
Via Capanna n° 55, 60019 Senigallia (AN) - ITALY